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A candy quiz offers a sweet way to liven up almost any get together. Try a few sample questions below, and then download the candy quiz printable so you can have great questions to test your family and friends with. If you need help downloading the printable, check out these helpful tips.

Candy Trivia Sample Questions

Here are a few sample questions to whet your appetite for more sweet candy quiz questions.

Question: What is the main ingredient of a Mallo Cup?
Answer: Marshmallow and chocolate (with a hint of coconut).

Question: What does NECCO stand for?
Answer: New England Confectionery Company.

Question: What's in the very center of a Ferrero Rocher candy?
Answer: A whole hazelnut surrounded by smooth, chocolate cream.

Question: What are Bit-O-Honey candies made of?
Answer: Honey-flavored taffy with almond bits.

Question: What gives Pop Rocks their pop?
Answer: Carbon dioxide bubbles trapped inside the rock candies that pop as the candies melt.

Printable Candy Quiz

Printable candy quiz
Click to print this free candy quiz.

You'll need to use Adobe to save and print the Candy Quiz to use at home or your next party. These questions are mainly geared toward adults, especially those who are into retro candy, but any candy lover will enjoy the trivia included in the quiz!

These questions are great for a party or get-together, especially when you serve small bowls of different candies for your friends to munch on while they try to come up with the answers. You may be surprised at how much you do and don't know about some of these famous sweet treats.

More Delicious Quiz Fun

Quizzes can add a lot of fun to birthday parties, showers, office parties or rainy afternoons, and the fun doesn't have to end once you finish the candy quiz. Try the candy bar quiz, another great online quiz you can share with your friends.

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