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Test Your Disney Knowledge

Now you can test your knowledge and that of your friends and family with Disney quizzes! A true Disney fan will know just about everything there is to know about the movies, characters and history.

What You'll Find in Disney Quizzes

Have you been watching Mickey Mouse and other Disney cartoons since you were just a little kid? Then you'll have no problem passing the Disney Cartoon Quiz. This quiz will test your knowledge on the early days of the Mickey Mouse cartoon as well as the newer cartoons you see today. If you're more into the movies, take the Disney Movie Quiz.

If you're not looking for a trivia type quiz, consider taking a personality one. In the Disney Character Personality Quiz, you'll find out which character you are most similar to according to your likes and dislikes. If you want to know which princess you're most similar to, take the Disney Princess Personality Quiz or Which Disney Princess Are You.

How well do you know the princesses, monsters, villains, and superheroes? Taking the Disney Character Quiz will test your knowledge about the history and personalities of these popular icons.

Learn About Disney with Quizzes

If you're not a fan but want to learn more about Disney characters, movies and cartoons take a quiz! You may be surprised by how much you know and if you don't get the questions right, it's okay, because the quiz gives you the answers so you will know for the next time you're asked or tested!

Disney Quizzes