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Article Highlight: Printable Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for All Ages

Printable Bible trivia questions and answers are great for a family game night, Sunday School, church youth groups, Vacation Bible School, and almost any gathering of worship. Click on the image of the trivia… Keep reading »

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Printable quizzes are perfect for those times you can't be in front of the computer. You can use them during a party or in another type of group setting such as youth group or classroom. You can print out one and read the questions aloud to have others answer or you can print out multiple copies to pass out to everyone. Using printable quizzes is an easy and practical way to have fun and learn new things!

How to Use Printable Quizzes

Each quiz will have two sections: a questions portion and the answers. This way, you can keep the answers to yourself while the quiz takers answer the questions. Once everyone is done, you can then either take back the printable quizzes and calculate how many correct ones there were on each one or read out the answers so each person can tally the right answers he or she has. The person with the most correct answers wins.

If you're using the printable quizzes as solely an educational tool, it's useful to go over each question to explain the answer. This will help each quiz taker retain the information and increase their knowledge base on the subject.

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