Free Multiple Choice Printable Movie Quiz

multiple choice movie quiz

Using a free multiple choice printable movie quiz at your next family gathering or party is a good way to liven things up. Keep quizzes such as this on hand if you run out of ideas on how to entertain your guests.

About Movie Trivia Quizzes

If you or your guests are film buffs, then movie quizzes are a must. Those who take these quizzes love to see how much they really know about the movie topics they think they're knowledgeable about. Many are surprised to find out that they either know more or less than expected.

When it comes to topics that encompass film trivia, the list can be quite inclusive. Free multiple choice printable movie quizzes can come in a variety of categories including:

Creating Your Own Movie Quiz

If you are creating your own multiple choice movie quiz, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Double check your facts
  • Make sure the movie titles, producers, directors, etc. are all spelled correctly
  • Keep it appropriate for the age group you are targeting
  • Keep it fun
  • Make it challenging

LoveToKnow Free Multiple Choice Printable Movie Quiz

Print LoveToKnow's multiple choice movie questions to use at your next party or family gathering. These questions are about 21st century movies rated G or PG and are geared toward everyone. Take the quiz yourself, too. You may be surprised at how much you know -- or don't know -- about movies!

If you need help downloading the printable, check out these helpful tips.

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Free Multiple Choice Printable Movie Quiz