Geography Quiz Questions

geography quiz questions

Geography quiz questions can prepare your child or student for a test on the study of the earth's surface. They can provide additional help when textbooks or school work isn't challenging enough or if he or she needs additional tutoring.

About Geography

Geography is more than just the study of the earth's topography. It also takes a look at individuals' responses to its climate, soil and vegetation. Children as young as first grade can learn about geography. However, when looking for or writing geography quiz questions, make sure they are age appropriate. Your best bet would be to check your child's textbook for quiz questions. Your local library also has grade-level appropriate books available.

Geography quiz questions can include a variety of information about the world including:

  • Ecosystems
  • Maps, atlases and globes
  • Earth sciences
  • Study of the atmosphere
  • Human population
  • Various natural resources
  • Ecology
  • Air pollution

Sample Geography Quiz Questions

Keep quiz questions about geography short and to the point, but to keep children interested, make them fun and interesting as well. Some examples of geography questions where students have to write in the answer include:

  • Question: What is the main currency of India?
  • Answer: Rupee
  • Question: What is the longest day of the year?
  • Answer: On or around June 21, also known as the Summer Solstice.

You can also have geography quizzes be true or false. For example:

  • Question: True or False: The Northern Hemisphere of the world is made up of more water than the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Answer: False. The Southern Hemisphere has more water because its northern counterpart is made up of more land.
  • Question: Indonesia, Japan and the United States have the greatest number of active volcanoes.
  • Answer: True, with Indonesia have the most activity.

LoveToKnow Printable Geography Quiz

Print LoveToKnow's geography quiz questions to use as a study guide in school or even just during a family fun night at home. These printed quiz questions were written for junior high- and high school-aged students. If you need help downloading the printable quiz, check out these helpful tips.

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Geography Quiz Questions