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Quiz sites are fun and tell you a lot about yourself and your relationships. Whether it's to find out if you're relationship is suffering or testing your knowledge, quizzes are a great way to find out something new.

How to Use Quiz Sites

When using quiz sites to gain insight on problems, it's important to remember that these quizzes do not take the place of professional help. This doesn't only apply to medical issues, but psychological and emotional ones as well. You can use medical or psychological quizzes as a precursor to meeting with your physician. Using the answers you choose in a quiz to explain how you feel will help your physician accurately diagnose and treat your condition.

Quizzes are great just for fun, to help minor issues you have in your relationships, or improving other areas of your life.

Where to Find Quizzes Online

The Internet has many quiz sites where you can take quizzes right now! Some quiz sites focus on relationships and others on health. Depending on what you want to find out, there is sure to be a quiz site dedicated to it.

Relationship Quizzes

Check out the Dating channel on LoveToKnow for two relationship quizzes, Love or Infatuation Quiz and Am I Ready to Get Married Quiz.

On this quiz site, you can take quizzes on if your current boyfriend/girlfriend is your true love, if he or she loves you, if you are compatible, and find out your love personality.

Take a quiz on this site to find out more about how well you get along with your current partner, love in general and communication. This site has quizzes on listening skills, communication, handling arguments, relationship dynamics, love, relationship compatibility, money compatibility and many more.

Health and Psychological Quizzes

Take a test about the health of men, women, and kids.

This site has a section devoted to screening tests for psychological issues such as ADD, anxiety, autism, depression and mania.

Just for Fun Quizzes

Find a wide variety of quizzes on this site including a Sleep Personality Quiz, Color & Your Sexuality Quiz, Pizza Quiz, and Ice Cream Personality Quiz.

Check out Quizarama to take The 80s Quiz, Christmas Movie Poster Quiz, The Lazy Quiz, Are you an Internet Addict, That 70s Show Quiz and more!

This quiz site has thousands of tests on topics such as animals, history, religion, celebrities, sports and more. You can also compete with other users by doing well on the quizzes.

The Validity and Reliability of Quizzes on the Internet

You may wonder if the quizzes you take on the Internet are accurate especially the ones about health and relationships. The validity and reliability of Internet quizzes is low because they haven't been tested on groups of people to ensure accuracy. Knowledge based quizzes are much more accurate since they have concrete answers as opposed to analytical ones.

Have fun browsing the above quiz sites - just beware, quizzes can be addicting!

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